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Bedei Compounding Pharmacy Services (BCPS) was founded in 2008 by Dr. Lucas Kemeni as Best Deal International Inc (BeDei).BeDei is now doing business as BCPS. As a pharmacist, Dr. Kemeni founded BCPS in response to an unmet need for customized, quality, and effective on-site pharmacy services in the behavioral health industry. Established on a commitment to customization and superior customer service, BCPS exists to innovate individualized pharmacy solutions and to meet the unique needs of each healthcare professional and patient we care for. BCPS is in business to grow, innovate and commit to collaborating with healthcare professionals, meeting the needs of patients, and providing the very best pharmacy services in the market place.

In agreement with our commitment to customization, BCPS operates one custom compounding pharmacy in Virginia, which is licensed to provide custom-prepared medications to patients and animals in most of the States. Our compounding pharmacy has high technicians and pharmacy doctors to provide personalized, effective treatments with superior customer service to every patient we serve.

In serving both healthcare facilities and individuals, BCPS remains focused on caring for patients, developing effective services, and upholding the highest standard of quality. We offer the BEST products, the HIGHEST quality, the INNOVATIVE professional CARE and YOU can find the REAL people with solutions and value at BCPS. At BCPS, we really CARE.

BCPS Story:

Under development

Corporate staff:

BCPS has a Director/ President, a Vice-President, a Treasurer and a secretary.

Pharmacy Staff:

BCPS has two pharmacists, many consultant and clinical pharmacists (through PCCA affiliation), Two technicians and one office Manager.We understand how important it is to hire the right person for the job. Our licensed healthcare professionals are simply the best in the industry. Our pharmacists are committed to excellence and continuing professional development and our pharmacy technicians are experts in efficiency and customer service.



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